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philosophy of SOUND








それを促す音作りを標榜し、私はHitsuji sound factory.を始めました。






John Cage, who once composed a silent musical work, 4:33, said, "The composer begins to listen. In other words, we are all in sound, surrounded by sound," he said in an interview.

The flood of sound, which is becoming bloated like a creature in the city and the web, has a suspended mind that only enjoys what it is given and accepts it as a pleasure. I started Hitsuji sound factory with the aim of creating sounds that encourage people to "return to active and aesthetic listening" to the ears of people living today, who have lost the attitude of listening.

I hope I will create sound/music that is beautiful, optimal for the space or place (whatever virtual or real), and that enhances the senses.

Shinji Wakasa

Translated with :)

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