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Ice farmers

Nikko, Tochigi

Tokujiro IV and his buddies grow the natural ice. They fill ponds with the natural water from the Nikko mountain range and let it develop into ice only by taking advantage of winter coldness.

Why does he still use traditional technics to make natural ice? This short documentary tells a story about Tokujiro, who calls himself an ice farmer, and his belief.

-Sapporo International Short Film Festival and Market 2019 Japan Panorama -Greenwich Village Film Festival 2019 -TWO SHORT NIGHTS FILM FESTIVAL 2019 -Ambrosia Food & Drink Film Festival 2019 -ARFF Amsterdam // International Awards 2020 -11th Annual New York City Indpendent Film Festival -17th IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival



東京ステーションホテル公式PR映像の音楽を担当。 SPECIAL MOVIE A day in the life 東京ステーションホテルで過ごす「こんな1日」 東京の中心ともいえる〈丸の内〉での滞在は都会の賑やかさ・喧騒と深夜や早朝の静寂の時、両方の魅力が楽しめます。 皆さまにとって、東京のアイコニックな赤レンガ駅舎内のホテルが〈居心地のよい空間〉でありたいという想いを込めた映像です。

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