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Shinji Wakasa

Shingo Kurono

This is a concept album of five songs recorded and processed from the sounds of the Orin at Shimatani Shoryu Kobo in Takaoka City, which has been in continuous operation since the late Edo period, to create a sound design of the manufacturing process of the Orin and the austere and beautiful sound of ripples. All of the songs use only the recorded material of the sound of the Orin and the sounds generated during the manufacturing process. The title VAGUE (wave in French, vague in English) expresses the ripples spreading in a circle on the surface of water. This project is still in progress, and a live performance and installation is scheduled to be held at the main hall of Shokoji Temple, an important cultural property designated by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, during 2021/5-6 this year.



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